Reclaim your home

It was great to have fresh eyes come into my house. Sometimes living in clutter you don’t see it or know how to make a change. My home has never been so beautiful.
— Screendoor client after her home refresh

With a family wedding looming on the horizon, a client in Alabama called us to help her refresh her home interior, and since I have been talking a lot about this topic on the blog, I wanted to give you an example of how you can put our recent blog advice into practice. Check out one of our transformations below- now our client and her family can actually get their laundry done!

  • To begin, we surveyed each room in our clients’ home that needed attention in order to give it both an immediate plan and long term plan. In this state, ask- what is frustrating you about this room? What is your ideal set up? This provides an opportunity to reimagine ways in which to rework the space and create a plan to make it better. 
  • Second, we made a list of items to shop for. Need a new storage container? A lamp for the dark corner? Make an actual list with a pen and paper. Although you can make a list electronically on your phone- I recommend keeping a paper list in hand. It provides you with a visible object that keeps you on task while preventing you from over purchasing. 
  • Third, we reworked each room by taking everything down and dividing items into 3 piles- Goodwill, storage, and sort. We recommend that you sort immediately, but if you are on a tight deadline it is ok to sort at a later time. 
  • Fourth, we cleaned up. Wipe away years of neglect  by cleaning every nook and cranny in the room. 
  • And finally, we hit the stores to buy brighter pillows and throws, change lamp shades, and purchase new mirrors and lamps. You would be surprised what these small purchases can do to make a big difference. For this job, we also used some fantastic finds from a local consignment store and rearranged decorative pieces and containers our client already had. These, intertwined with new purchased pieces, achieved an incredible new look, so don't overlook what you have!
  • We do not believe in buying everything new or expensive. Expensive does not always equate to style or quality, and often times, you don’t need anything new. Sometimes you just need to bring some items out of storage or rearrange. In general, we shop everywhere, and reuse whenever possible- it's more budget friendly and sustainable. 

The outcome? It felt and looked like a different house, but it looked beautiful because we simplified and decluttered. Often that’s all it takes. 

Does this sound like something you need help with? For many of us, it’s not that we do not want to refresh our homes- we just don’t know where to start. Take a step forward and give us a call! We will help you to reorganize and refresh your house so that you can reclaim it as home. 

Check out more transformations below! 

Tips to Awaken Your Home to Spring

Last week’s blog touched on the beginnings of spring cleaning, so this week I want to take it a step further and provide you with some additional ideas that will continue to wake up your home to Spring.  

  • Start at the front door. This year paint it a different color so that it stands out, or bring in a new door mat with color. You can also place your house number on or to the side of the door. Perhaps if you are renting, consider displaying your house number on your pots. 
  • Ever thought of changing your light bulbs? Light can really make or break a room. In the winter, you need more light, but in the spring, additional daylight enables you to get away with less. Swap out your 60 watt bulbs in your lamps and switch to a 3 way bulb to give you the option to soften the light in a room. 
  • Choose candles in light spring colors, cream, or white instead of reds and burgundy.
  • Replace heavy artwork with a cool shaped mirror. Not only does it reflect natural light, it can make a room look lighter and larger.
  • Put a colorful runner down the table center for a pop of color, or bring in bright placement and/or napkins. 
  • Bring out some floral or fun color dishes especially if your dishes are white. 
  • Don't get rid of that old furniture piece! You can never underestimate what a coat of paint can do to bring furniture back to life while also brightening a room. 

Have you woken up to Spring? 

Signs of Spring Cleaning

As the days are getting longer and the weather is slowly warming, nature is waking up. For many of us, this change of season finally puts us in the mood to brighten our homes to welcome Spring. 

In our grandparents day, spring cleaning was more than dusting and cleaning the windows. It was about removing the heavy rugs, pillows, and fabrics to make way for a lighter look to prepare for the hot days ahead. 

Although this can sound daunting, a room can be transformed with a few simple steps while keeping the basics. 

  1. Declutter and remove anything that resembles cold weather accessories such as thick blankets, heavy throw pillows, heavy rugs, wood baskets, and pinecones.
  2. Bring in the outdoors with branches of blossom, bowls of fruit, and green plants- anything that reflects the changed season. 
  3. Go bright using colorful pillows and throws. Consider changing a heavy lamp for glass lamp or a colored lamp. A new lamp shade can also change the look of a room.
  4. Take down heavy drapes and leave the sheers, or opt for no window treatments.
  5. Switch out wintery scene artwork and replace them with summery or nature scenes/landscapes. 
  6. Replace heavy rugs for light sisal or colored texture, or simply go with bare floors. 
  7. Change the furniture placement. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!