Signs of Spring Cleaning

As the days are getting longer and the weather is slowly warming, nature is waking up. For many of us, this change of season finally puts us in the mood to brighten our homes to welcome Spring. 

In our grandparents day, spring cleaning was more than dusting and cleaning the windows. It was about removing the heavy rugs, pillows, and fabrics to make way for a lighter look to prepare for the hot days ahead. 

Although this can sound daunting, a room can be transformed with a few simple steps while keeping the basics. 

  1. Declutter and remove anything that resembles cold weather accessories such as thick blankets, heavy throw pillows, heavy rugs, wood baskets, and pinecones.
  2. Bring in the outdoors with branches of blossom, bowls of fruit, and green plants- anything that reflects the changed season. 
  3. Go bright using colorful pillows and throws. Consider changing a heavy lamp for glass lamp or a colored lamp. A new lamp shade can also change the look of a room.
  4. Take down heavy drapes and leave the sheers, or opt for no window treatments.
  5. Switch out wintery scene artwork and replace them with summery or nature scenes/landscapes. 
  6. Replace heavy rugs for light sisal or colored texture, or simply go with bare floors. 
  7. Change the furniture placement. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!