Tips to Awaken Your Home to Spring

Last week’s blog touched on the beginnings of spring cleaning, so this week I want to take it a step further and provide you with some additional ideas that will continue to wake up your home to Spring.  

  • Start at the front door. This year paint it a different color so that it stands out, or bring in a new door mat with color. You can also place your house number on or to the side of the door. Perhaps if you are renting, consider displaying your house number on your pots. 
  • Ever thought of changing your light bulbs? Light can really make or break a room. In the winter, you need more light, but in the spring, additional daylight enables you to get away with less. Swap out your 60 watt bulbs in your lamps and switch to a 3 way bulb to give you the option to soften the light in a room. 
  • Choose candles in light spring colors, cream, or white instead of reds and burgundy.
  • Replace heavy artwork with a cool shaped mirror. Not only does it reflect natural light, it can make a room look lighter and larger.
  • Put a colorful runner down the table center for a pop of color, or bring in bright placement and/or napkins. 
  • Bring out some floral or fun color dishes especially if your dishes are white. 
  • Don't get rid of that old furniture piece! You can never underestimate what a coat of paint can do to bring furniture back to life while also brightening a room. 

Have you woken up to Spring?