Moss Mounds are the new way to go green.

Screendoor Events and Design would like to introduce you to a growing trend- moss mounds. What we love about this design trend is the ease of maintaining a beautiful piece of greenery for your space without any upkeep. Yes- you read that right- no watering, no trimming, and no need for sunlight. This is everyone's dream for greenery for their space as the mounds often last up to six months with no need for care. 

*Please fill out the information below to order a moss mound similar to what you see in our photos or custom order a moss mound. You can provide a container of your own for us to arrange the moss in or we will provide you with one of your choosing. Either way, we will work with you to ensure your order is perfect for your needs and space. 

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We will contact you as soon as possible regarding the details of your order; however, please feel free to give a brief description of what you are looking for below. Don't know? No worries, we will contact you and help to identify the perfect moss mound for you.

Moss mounds are ideal for:

  • Busy individuals who want to keep real greenery in their homes

  • House warming, birthday, and special occasion gifts

  • Elderly family and friends looking for a simple way to brighten their living space 

  • Individuals who travel and need greenery that will still be beautiful upon their return home

  • Office managers looking for an effortless way to refresh their work space

  • Any individual who has trouble keeping plants and flowers alive, but needs something to enliven their space